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About Hua Mei

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Hua Mei Cultural Education has created its cultural exchange programs through the joint efforts of educators, families, students, and community members looking to learn from one another and create relationships that span languages, cultures, and borders.

Our English Immersion Programs bring together Chinese students and the West Michigan community to foster understanding between different cultures and cultivate a global worldview in students from the US and China.

The Hua Mei Community is made up of our staff, host families, students, partner organizations, and volunteers. During programs and beyond, this community supports a shared vision of cultural enrichment and friendship.

Hua Mei Staff

Yili Bonarski


A lifelong educator, Yili began teaching English to grade school children in China from 1980-1986. Since emigrating to the United States, she has been heavily involved in the West Michigan Chinese community, assisting with cultural outreach and Chinese language education programs such as Forest Hills, the Chinese Association of West Michigan, City High/Middle School, Grand Rapids Chinese Language School, and more.

George Yang


George Yang was born and raised in Hunan, China. After moving to the United States and receiving his PhD in transportation engineering from the New Jersey Institute of Technology in 2005, he came to Grand Rapids, Michigan. An active member of the West Michigan Chinese community, he has served as the President of the Chinese Association of West Michigan, and now serves as a board member.

Our Partners Make Our Programs Possible

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