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Frequently Asked


How long are the camps?

The length of the students' stay varies from program to program, but generally ranges between two and three weeks.


How are students selected for each host family?

We place students into host families based on a number of factors, such as children in your home, personalities, gender, presence of pets, and more.


Can host families attend organized camp activities?

Yes! For most camp activities, host family participation is encouraged if you are able. There are a few events which are closed to host families, which will be noted in the schedule.


How many students are assigned to a host family?

To help students feel comfortable in a foreign country, two students are assigned to each family.


Who is responsible for providing meals?

During class and organized activities, Hua Mei will provide meals and snacks for the visiting students. Most nights and weekends, host families are encouraged to cook and eat with their students. A stipend is provided to offset food costs.


What information do I need to provide to become a host family?

We will need your name, daytime and weekend phone number, address, and email. In addition, background checks are required for all adults in the household.


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