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Become A Host Family

Benefits of Hosting

Becoming a Hua Mei host family is a unique opportunity for your family to create friendships across languages and cultures. By opening your home to Chinese students during a Hua Mei camp, you're also opening the doors to cultural exchange, and helping to foster a global mindset in the youth of West Michigan and China alike.



Enjoy incredible experiences with your family, students, and camp group



Help visiting students learn English and American culture through immersion



Give your family the opportunity to interact with native Chinese youth



Make lifelong connections that transcend languages and borders

Hosting Details
  • For meals during which students are not engaged with class or activities, host families are responsible for providing meals. A stipend is provided to offset these costs

  • Students are expected to follow all house rules, in addition to rules for behavior set by their school

Host Family Requirements
  • Have at least one bedroom with a closable door for students to stay in. Rooming with another student of the same sex is permitted.

  • Be able to commit to spending nights and weekends with students

  • Provide transportation to and from class and activity drop-offs

  • Speak English during the duration of the camp

Have Questions?
Become a Host Family

Ready to get involved by becoming a host family? Contact us here for more information and next steps.

Thanks for getting in touch! We'll get back to you within two business days.

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